Josh is originally from Wales but he spent 6 years in London where he was involved in the business of coaching and fitness development. Josh will tell you that he was a good rugby player but we are not too sure. Josh signed his first professional rugby contract with a New Zealand based club and also represented Emerging Wales in the 7's format of the game.

He is incredibly passionate about helping businesses thrive, as well as developing himself and coaches to deliver the best service possible to the members he works with.

Since leaving rugby due to injury, Josh has been involved with CrossFit and enjoys training as well as competing. He will also claim he is a world class CrossFitter but in his defence he did compete at the 2018 CrossFit Regionals in Madrid.

Josh is not new to the desert as he moved to Abu Dhabi from Kuwait where he was Facility Manager and Head Coach of a highly reputable CrossFit facility. He can be found drinking coffee or following around coach Bacon.