Vogue Fitness - Best Gym and Fitness center in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & RAK famed for Personal training and CrossFit.


Vogue Fitness pride ourselves on world-class facilities in truly unique locations. With facilities overlooking the formula 1 track at Yas Marina, venues rolling onto beach and ocean at Al Muneera and iconic views overlooking the Abu Dhabi central business district from Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Vogue Fitness offer our world class services from breathtaking 5-star locations.


Constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. Become better at everything.


CrossFit without the barbell or complex gymnastics. Fast paced and physically demanding.


You don’t have to be an Olympian to train like one! Increase your strength by mastering the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and more.


A program designed to increase your capacity and endurance to prepare you for fitness activities such as marathons, OCRs, cycling, triathlons, trail runs, endurance events and much more.


Our RedZone classes are a sure way to burn calories, shred unwanted body fat and increase your physical strength.


Work hard for periods of time followed by periods of limited rest. Reduce body fat and build muscle whilst enhancing your cardiorespiratory system.


It’s that serious we only take on the Warrior WOD on once per week. Expect anything!


This ‘chipper’ style workout provides you with the challenge of completing a set amount of work before moving onto the next section of the workout.


The best fitness team in the Middle East. Our team of fitness professionals are passionate industry leaders who practice what they preach. Do not accept ordinary when it comes to your health.


Vogue Fitness was founded in 2014 by expatriates Billy Graham and Patrick Hegarty but the story goes back much further. After meeting each other at a rugby training session in the Capital, Billy joined Patrick at a civil engineering company where alongside their rugby endeavours they discovered functional training. After literally being asked to change the way they train due to the noise of weights clattering on the floor they began to plot their new venture. After taking a series of life changing risks, putting every single dollar they had into the venture and overcoming a series of almost impossible hurdles, Vogue Fitness was born.

Headquartered at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi, next to the home of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Marina Circuit the organisation has grown from 6 employees and 1 facility to a team in excess of 100 people, 11 facilities and multiple divisions. The timeline below will demonstrate the journey to date:

2014 – Vogue Fitness | Yas Marina 

2015 – Vogue Fitness | Kids 

2015 – Vogue Fitness | Home Personal Training 

2015 – Vogue Fitness | Yas Ladies 

2018 – Vogue Fitness | Swimming 

2018 – Vogue Fitness | Cleveland Clinic 

2018 – Vogue Fitness | Al Raha

2018 – Vogue Fitness | Al Ghadeer

2018 – Vogue Fitness | JLT

2019 – Vogue Fitness | Marina Mall

2019 – Vogue Fitness | Ras Al Khaimah

2020 – Vogue Fitness | AHC

2020 – Vogue Fitness | KCA

2021 – Vogue Fitness | Rabdan