Dean Peters


    Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa Dean was a self-described "Wild Heart". He saw life as a playground and lived for moments that made him feel alive. Whether that was hiking, diving, dancing, playing the drums, or even just searching for the best coffee shop or burger place. He knew from a very young age he would never just have a desk job.

    Unfortunately, as life goes, that's exactly what ended up happening. Until one day a work colleague invited Dean to join him at the gym next to the office for what he described as a "Cross Training" workout. It had been a while since Dean had tried something new so he was all for it, and ended the session puking in the gym bathroom. It was like a kid finding new jungle bars in the playground for the first time. Dean immediately went home and googled Cross Training and ended up finding CrossFit. That weekend he searched for the nearest CrossFit gym and immediately joined. Three months later he left his job and became a full-time CrossFit Coach at that same gym.

    To say he found his passion was an understatement. Dean found something that set his soul on fire, something that made him feel alive every day.

    Dean grew up in a very big family, and was very lucky they were the type of family that pushed him to always chase what made him happy, with their help, 2 years after becoming a full-time CrossFit coach he opened up his very own facility. It was here, running his own CrossFit Box and growing a new CrossFit community that he realized his passion was not just CrossFit but it was people. Improving people's quality of life, making them feel alive with what made Dean feel that way. But once again as life goes, 3 months after opening his own facility, COVID hit, and he was forced to shut down.

    After being forced to close down he decided to move cities to start fresh and ended up finding an amazing CrossFit facility to call home. However, he always felt like he wanted more, and a year after losing his dream he moved across the world to find a new one. One that made him feel what he loved most, one that made him feel like the "Wild Heart" once again, and one that allowed him to make people feel that same thing.