Billy Graham


    Billy is from Harrogate in the North of England and he is incredibly proud of his Yorkshire roots. Since a young age Rugby was a huge part of his life and after completing his high school studies at the prestigious Sedbergh School in the North of England it was rugby that led him to Manchester to complete his university studies.

    At the tender age of 22 Billy moved to Abu Dhabi with only a rucksack to take up a role in the education and health sector. Quickly realizing that this role wasn't for him he ventured in the construction industry working as a Business Development Manager for a leading Middle Eastern foundation company. He discovered that the construction industry wasn't for the faint hearted which set him up for the business journey that lay ahead of him.

    In 2014 after taking a series of life changing risks which resulted in both him and his business partner Patrick Hegarty putting every single dollar they had into the venture and overcoming a series of almost impossible hurdles, Vogue Fitness was born. The Vogue Fitness organisation has grown from 6 employees and 1 facility to a team in excess of 100 people,10 facilities and multiple divisions with more revenue streams continually coming online.

    Billy is a keen investor and along with Vogue Fitness he is a partner in three other organisations. In his spare time he likes to work and has a passion for the stock market. Billy believes that continuously innovating and making things better is the key to business growth.