Ankle Mobility Guide

August 14, 2017  |  Ben Seward

Ankle mobility is essential for moving well in life (and at the gym). Here are some excellent tips for better ankle mobility.

Choose 1-3 movements to do, spend 1-2 minutes with them on each side. This is the time it will take to begin to make some change in your soft tissue.

1. Weighted static hold - sit in the bottom of a squat, use a weight to help you sit low and tall with your weight distributed evenly throughout the foot.

2. Knee Taps - getting maximum ankle mobility, sit in the bottom of a squat, allow heel to come off the ground tapping one knee on the ground and then repeating with the other side.

3. Lacrosse Ball inside of lower leg - place on a spot below the calf, spend 1 minute moving the foot back and forth. Repeat on the calf.

4. BB outside of lower leg - with a barbell set low to the ground, “roll out” the outside of your lower leg, use your hands for extra pressure or a friend for help.

5. Band Tension Forward - facing away from the rig and band, band around the front of the ankle, come to a lunge position, front knee in line with or outside the ankle, keep the heel on the ground, move the knee back and forth

6. Band Tension Backward - similar to number 5, more of a stretch in the back of the ankle. Facing the rig and band, band around the back of the ankle.


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