5 benefits of doing the Plank

September 26, 2017  |  Ben Seward

A toned belly

Planking will help you build your deep inner core muscles, which will give you the foundations for that “6-pack look”. As your abdominals strengthen, your mid-section will tighten.

Reduce back pain

Planks reduce your back pain as they strengthen your core. They also strengthen your upper back muscles.


Planks work to increase or maintain flexibility by expanding and stretching the muscles around the shoulders, collarbone, shoulder blades, hamstrings and even the arches of the feet and toes.

Improve your mood

Any Kind of exercise has the potential to improve your overall mood. Planks help relieve tension from muscles that become stiff and tense from prolonged sitting.

Improve your balance and posture.

Planking can improve your posture hugely. Having good posture comes with a load of great health benefits. You will find sitting or be standing up straight is easier the longer you are able to hold the plank.

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