Verdiana Sparacino

    Home Personal Trainer

    Verdiana is an Italian national and the proud owner of her Personal Training Level 2 and 3 certificates. The sports arena has always been Verdiana's natural habitat and for her, fitness is so much more than a couple of hours a week in the gym.

    Upon entering her teens Verdiana was actively engaged in fitness especially volleyball which she played competitively for over 10 years, and from the moment she started she has never stopped. Initially moving to the UAE to work for a major airline, Verdiana spent her spare hours training her colleagues, helping expedite their journey towards their physical goals.

    As a Personal Trainer her objective is to share both her experience and enthusiasm to motivate and encourage those she works with to lead a healthier and in turn, better lifestyle. Verdiana has a genuine desire to demonstrate to people that with some guidance, self determination and motivations anyone can achieve their goals efficiently. Verdiana specialises in a range of fitness disciplines from HIIT program development to weight loss.

    If you want to embrace change, develop confidence and be consistent then Cerdiana could be your perfect fitness professional.