Vanessa Cross

    Home Personal Trainer

    Vanessa is a post graduate Medical Biologist who started her Personal Training career in the UK before moving to the UAE in 2019.

    As a Personal trainer she is highly motivated and energetic. Although very well rounded her specialties include weight loss & management, group instruction, strength training, HIIT and cardiovascular endurance.

    With many years in the industry, her in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy and systems, enables Vanessa to evaluate her client’s needs very carefully, preparing tailored individual training plans that help you reach your goals and guarantee you results, whether its exercise or nutrition driven.

    Vanessa’s goal as a coach is to help you look after your body for years to come. Her enthusiastic motivational style and positive attitude, while her keen focus on form is key for ensuring all clients are building a strong body making sure you can move with ease, free from injury and looking good is a great by-product!

    With a successful weight loss journey under her belt, she uses the knowledge and experience to educate and help others in the position she was once in, ensuring clients are having fun along the way.

    Being a mobile personal trainer Vanessa can bring the training sessions to various locations in Abu Dhabi, whether it’s a running track, beach, your home or even in a fitness facility a session can be done.