Rhea Beazeley


Rhea Beazeley joined the Vogue fitness team in September of 2019. Rhea is originally from England but has been living in Abu Dhabi for 5+ years. From a young age Rhea has been participating and competing in sports namely gymnastics where she represented the county of East Midlands back in England. Rhea's gymnastics background began at the age of 7 and the skills she developed here have helped her both physically and professionally. Rhea also tried here hand (or foot) at football with Kettering Ladies so is no stranger to competition.

It was clear from a young age that Rhea's passion laid in sports and fitness and her dedication to her profession has and continues to help those she works with. Rhea is a firm believer that functional fitness doesn't only lead to physical changes but also develops individuals mentally in turn, leading to a better life.