Reem Frangeih

    Home Personal Trainer

    Reem started her career in 2018 as she was studying for her bachelor degree in physical education. Her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and motricity helps her to create the perfect training program for her clients, to get them to their fitness goals and keep them from injury.

    Reem is extremely passionate about teaching her clients a new way of listening to their bodies, through her holistic approach. She considers that the body, the mind and the soul are connected, and taking care of all three together is the only way to a healthy lifestyle. "Listen to your body" is her motto.

    During her sessions, Reem ensures that her clients are challenged and pushed outside of their comfort zone, all while providing a positive, supportive, motivating and fun atmosphere. Her goal is to get people to build a new sustainable healthy habit. Her specialties include: strength training, circuit training, HIIT, flexibility training, fat loss training, endurance training, weight loss and post-natal training.