Paul Sharry


Paul hails from Ireland so enjoys a pint of the black stuff. His background in sport is fairly extensive and he spent the vast majority of his younger years playing soccer (football) in Ireland's highest league with a club affiliated with Manchester City. Paul also represented Ireland youth so is pretty handy with his feet.

Unfortunately Paul suffered a terrible injury which ruined his dreams of playing in the Premier League so he began to play his native sport, G.A.A. He was also gifted with the opportunity to represent Ireland in the AFL International Cup. A huge and prestigious honour!

Paul realised early on that a skinny Irish kid was not going to make much impact on fully grown men in top flight sport so that is where his love for the gym developed. For over 10 years now has been dedicating his time to studying and working in health & fitness.
He studied and trained both in Ireland and America and eventually he set up his own
gym in Ireland so is incredibly experienced across multiple skill sets/domains.

Paul's main aim is to motivate and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle through regular
exercise and a well balanced lifestyle!