Patrick Hegarty


    Patrick was born and raised in the glorious city of Townsville, located in North Queensland, Australia. Growing up, Patrick was encouraged to participate in sport from the moment he could walk. Through this dedication to sport in his youth, Patrick was able to achieve representative honours in cricket, water polo and rugby union. Patrick went on to play his sports throughout the world, from Australia to Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE, even representing the UAE internationally.

    In Australia, Patrick earned a dual bachelor’s degree in Laws with Honours and Public Policy at James Cook University, Australia. Not long after graduating, Patrick embarked on an opportunity to help shape the future of the agricultural industry in Malaysia; working together with both private enterprise and government.

    Pursuing further growth and development, Patrick then took an opportunity to move into the fields of construction and management in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Eventually taking the role of General Manager, Patrick was able to help in building a successful team which allowed the company to become the industry leader in its field of services. It was during this time that, through the local rugby club, Patrick struck up a friendship with Billy Graham.

    Patrick and Billy shared a belief that Abu Dhabi needed a quality fitness provider, who could elevate the standards of fitness, not just for Abu Dhabi, but for the entire region. Eventually resigning from their previous posts and investing everything into what is now Vogue Fitness, Patrick and Billy have worked together to grow the business from the ground up, from coaching the classes and manning the front desk to now managing an organisation of 10 facilities, 100+ staff, and still growing.

    Founding Vogue Fitness also helped spark a passion for entrepreneurship in Patrick, and, along with Billy, they have since gone on to establish several other business ventures in addition to Vogue Fitness. In his spare time, you can find Patrick doing the classes at Vogue Fitness, eating chocolate, or trying to help those who want to help themselves.