Niall McCarthy


    Niall, from Ireland, has been coaching a variety of sports since 2015 and strives to enjoy training whilst also putting in hard work and progressing towards his personal goals.

    Originally, Niall started off as a personal trainer in a commercial gym and then swiftly fell in love with the functional fitness methodology and started coaching CrossFit. Throughout the years he has worked with rugby teams, GAA teams, individual competitors and Paralympic athletes.

    Niall likes to partake in many sports but his main focus at the moment are triathlons. After completing an Ironman in 2019 that his friend signed him up for, he was hooked on the sport and has since signed up for two more (even though he said never again after the first). He loves following the CrossFit methodology along with some specific endurance training to prepare for events.

    Niall made the move to the UAE in the middle of the 50 degree summer and just towards the end of the COVID19 pandemic. He moved in order to learn from the best and enhance his coaching abilities. Niall loves to have fun, travel and meet new people!