Mirjana Simic

    Home Personal Trainer

    Mirjana is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor with a rich background in the fitness and wellness industry. She comes from Serbia, where she ran her own very successful studio.
    Mirjana was one of three top yoga teachers in Serbia and she had her own show on national TV. Additionally, she is the founder of Corporate Yoga, a brand she developed and implemented in large companies in Serbia together with her own PDF book: "Yoga for Employees".

    Mirjana has successfully helped many clients with different types of fitness, pilates, yoga, prenatal & postnatal pilates, power yoga, vinyasa flow, etc. Throughout her career, she has attended many seminars and undertook several certifications. Mirjana is also a sport nutrition specialist and her nutrition plans go hand in hand with the classes, leading to successful weight loss for many clients.

    As a teacher, Mirjana realizes that fitness is not a "one size fits all" practice, and that every person is on a different path. She tries to offer her students the opportunity to take that path in their own way, at their own pace, to modify when needed and to honor how they feel at all times. She strongly believes that nothing is more powerful than a person who is comfortable with who they are, free from pain, and moving with ease and grace.