Megan, originally from South Africa, has lived in the United Arab Emirates since 1995. She is a well rounded coach, who celebrates every aspect of functional fitness. Her passion for sport started as a teenager, where she competed in swimming at a national level in South Africa. Her coaching career began as a swimming coach, helping people of all ages learn to swim.

    After university Megan then discovered a love for body weight movement which led her towards calisthenics and yoga. Megan gained her Level 2 in coaching Calisthenics and achieved her 200 hour Yoga teacher certification.

    Megan started coaching CrossFit after falling in love with the progressive nature of the sport; there is always something new to learn and always lots to work on, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. With her Crossfit Level 2 certification, Megan coaches classes and clients towards their fitness goals. You will find Megan around the gym performing handstands for her 130k Instagram followers.