Mary Jane Sarcilla


    MJ joined the team here at Vogue Fitness in June 2019 and is predominantly based at Vogue Fitness | Marina Mall. MJ gained a degree in nursing but after completing her BA she began working as a call centre agent as a financial consultant for one Australia's largest banks. In 2016 she decided to leave her home in the Philippines and moved to Dubai where she discovered CrossFit.

    MJ is seriously passionate about functional training and loves to train. Her favourite movements are anything with a barbell (with the exception of thruster's). If you don't see her at the front desk, she will most likely be training in a class and hitting another PR!

    MJ loves seeing people coming into the gym to smash a workout and is always available to help you with your fitness journey. Last but not least, MJ smiles a lot so don't forget to smile back when you see her.