Leanne Quinn


    Despite years of an active childhood (GAA & Irish Dancing), Leanne qualified as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor in Ireland in 2016, admittedly not due to any great passion at the time, but because her husband (then boyfriend) told her she couldn't do it!
    Since then, her love of fitness led her to pursue a Masters in Sports Performance, to compete in Powerlifting, and she was offered a Ph.D. scholarship to study the benefits of strength training for female mental health, only to turn down the opportunity to join Apple TV in the production of a new series as Personal Trainer to the cast.

    Leanne began her CrossFit coaching career in Doha, Qatar and is excited to be joining the Vogue Fitness team to train with and learn from the best. She believes that fitness at any level should be fun, inclusive, and progressive and loves seeing the positive impact that physical activity can have on peoples' well-being.

    When she's not coaching or training at the gym, Leanne is a proud dog-mom to Alfie, an avid (yet unpublished) writer and has only just figured out how to make a reel on Instagram, so watch this space!