Kylie, a born-and-bred Australia, brings over 20 years office management and business support experience to Vogue Fitness and handles the not so fun side of the gym making sure that everything runs smoothly. Kylie has been with the team from the very start, having been trained by the founders of Vogue Fitness long before they ever established the facility.

Having worked in Australia and the UK in the defence, health, banking and insurance industries, Kylie has built up a wide skill base through numerous administrative, support and executive assistant roles. She has also worked as a Desk Top Publisher, drawing on her skills as an expert operator of any type of business system.

As an Aussie, Kylie is a natural outdoors person and highly competitive, and translates this into ensuring that everything behind the scenes runs to the highest level possible. More recently, Kylie also took over the Home Personal Training division and is rapidly turning it into the highest quality home personal training unit in the UAE.