Jenna McKean


Jenna is from the UK and made the move to Abu Dhabi to be part of the Vogue Fitness team in May 2019. Jenna has over 6 years of experience coaching CrossFit & functional training she before joining the team here at Vogue Jenna was Head Coach at a hugely reputable fitness facility in London.

Jenna especially likes to 'geek' out over technical aspects of weightlifting and gymnastics with those who want to learn, although her favourite people to work with are total beginners! She values being there from the start so that she can watch people grow. ‘The best time to start was 10 years ago. The second best time is now’ is her motto for people just starting out. She’s chilled out and likes to have a laugh, but once she gets to know you be ready for her to give you a little push in class; she’s relentless with form and will always try to help you move a little better.

She feels strongly about pushing both the body and the mind to be the best versions of themselves and thinks that both are at their best when we work on them equally and in conjunction with each other. Jenna's background outside of coaching is in psychology and she’s keen to help people work on the mental aspect of training as well as the physical.

When Jenna isn’t working with others, she keeps herself busy with training to be a competitive CrossFit athlete.