Jamie Simmonds


    Jamie Simmonds story is a remarkable one. Within 3 weeks of her arrival in the UAE from her native New Zealand, Jamie had claimed 1st place at the 2014 Dubai Fitness Championship. It didn't stop there...

    In 2016 Jamie placed 1st in the world during the 5 week CrossFit Open and in the same year was a vital figure in the Vogue Fitness team that placed 3rd at the Reebok CrossFit Games where Vogue became the first team from outside of the USA to podium. In 2017 Jamie's focus changed to individual and her ferocious appetite for competing only grew as she placed 4th in the worldwide Open and as a rookie placed 8th at the CrossFit Games. In 2018 Jamie placed 11th at the CrossFit Games, which lit her competitive fire to do even better. In 2019, Jamie Greene excelled and placed on the individual podium as the 3rd fittest woman on earth.

    Having been a high level athletic performer her entire life, Jamie is not scared of working hard and has an incredible work ethic that allows her to share her knowledge and experience with everyone that she coaches. Jamie genuinely inspires others to be better on a daily basis as she continues her own pursuit of excellence!

    Jamie is a Vogue Fitness sponsored athlete and a well-known figure in the fitness sphere but this hasn't altered her laid back humble attitude. Jamie has a bachelor's degree in Sports & Exercise Science as well as being a CrossFit level 1 & level 2 coach and qualified in CrossFit mobility, gymnastics and kids.