Jamie Chadwick


    Jamie's fitness journey started at 14 years old when he began practicing martial arts and competed competitively in both boxing and MMA for over 6 years. After competing for a number of years Jamie soon realised he was more of a lover than a fighter, however grew to love the strength & conditioning aspect that came with being involved with combat sports. As his passion grew for all things health and fitness he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the fitness industry as a coach.

    Jamie has now worked in the fitness industry for over a decade, coaching people from all walks of life in a pursuit to improve their health, fitness and mindset with the aim of creating a better version of themselves.

    He has a passion for functional training and believes it is the 'ultimate form of health and fitness' whilst also acknowledging the awesome community that it creates. Jamie strongly believes in the Vogue Fitness mission statement, 'Be Obsessively Better' and strives to achieve this for both himself personally and the people he coaches.