James Loughray


    Meet James. James was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands and being born on a small secluded island he realized early on in his life that there was a big world out there and did not allow himself to become narrow-minded to his possibilities in life.

    Sport, exercise and physical activity, in general, has been a part of James’ life forever. Growing up with a background in football and the occasional season of Cricket, James was very much a team sport kind of guy. Then he found CrossFit. James took up CrossFit because he was bored with conventional gym environments and preferred something more challenging and more competitive.

    James’ CrossFit journey started in 2014 where he did it to build strong foundations, move well, and maintain an overall base of fitness. His priority back then was football! At the early age of 20 years, old James retired himself from football as he lost the love for it and sought after an individual challenge! This took James to a short stint in the boxing ring and then followed by taking CrossFit more seriously, not just as a hobby. Most recently, thanks to the foundations of CrossFit and how strong it made James mentally, he completed a full distance Ironman in October 2019.

    James qualified as a Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, and Olympic Lifting Coach to keep in line with his passion to help people realize their potential and once they have realized it, he wants to help them achieve it. James started taking CrossFit more seriously when he realized how incredible it is for you mentally and emotionally as well as physically. If you can put your absolute all into a workout if you can spend weeks, months, or even years learning and perfecting a skill, move or technique if you can push your body past what you thought was possible and achieve those final few reps… then you can take that mentality outside of the gym, into day to day life, and achieve whatever it is you set out to achieve there too.

    This is why James does what he does and this is what he thrives on. An environment where everyone wants to be the best version of themselves and reach their fullest potential.

    This is why James is so thrilled to be working at Vogue Fitness because he is surrounded by some of the best in the business, who do not settle for less than the best and focus on being obsessively better.

    This is why James is here in the UAE because he wants to become the best version of himself both personally and professionally and he wants to help others do the same for themselves. CrossFit is an environment where everybody has room to grow and you learn via the challenges you face, every single day.