David Walsh


    Health and fitness has always been a part of David's life growing up. He has been involved in team and individual sports from a young age including athletics, basketball, GAA and powerlifting to name a few.

    David interestingly is also a registered mental health nurse and realised early on in his nursing career that physical and mental well-being are closely interlinked so he was fortunate enough to be able to leave nursing to pursue coaching full time.

    David's coaching career began in 2017 and has led him to travel the world working with people of all ages and experience from beginners to full time athletes. He even had the opportunity to work with cast members from Apple TV for an upcoming Sci-fi series, helping them with their fitness and nutrition. David believes that fitness should be fun and enjoyable for everyone.

    David loves a good coffee ('or 6 if I’m being honest') and also enjoys playing fetch with his dog Alfie .