Dani Payne


    Dani, originally from Exeter in the UK, moved to the UAE in November 2020. Usually, you'll find her either at the gym, sunbathing, or watching cute dog videos.

    Dani found CrossFit in 2016 after losing her Dad at 18-years-old. Going to the gym was, and still remains, the hour or two of the day where she could relax and feel great. The love she found for the sport then led to her completing her CrossFit Level 1. She loves that she can now share her passion for the gym with others and give them the best hour of their day too (even if there are thrusters!).

    You'll always find Dani dancing and singing like a loon when she coaches. She believes that if you show people your passion and happiness, they'll show you theirs.

    Dani has plenty of experience coaching CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Kids CrossFit and Gymnastics. Her coaching journey has taken her to South Wales, Exeter, Exmouth and now the UAE. Dani thrives off of learning and becoming 1% better every day.

    Aside from CrossFit, Dani has a BA degree in English and an MA degree in Conflict, Security and Development. But, she decided to trade in her expertise in world politics and books, and join the Vogue Fitness community at RAK.