Chloe Salter

Yas Ladies Head Coach

Chloe is originally from the UK and joined us here in Abu Dhabi from Kuwait.

Chloe never had an athletic background when she was growing up and 'was the laziest and biggest kid in school'. That all changed in 2014 when Chloe decided to changed her life. Chloe completely changed her attitude towards her health and started working out, eating well and taught herself as much as she could about different types of training and nutrition whilst in her final year of university. Chloe lost so much weight and enjoyed spending time in the gym so much that she decided after university she wanted to help other people make the same changes in their life by becoming a Personal Trainer.

In 2015 Chloe attended her first CrossFit class and she was instantly hooked on the family atmosphere at the box. She became passionate about using CrossFit to help her clients regain a healthy lifestyle and positive body image and this led her to move to Kuwait in 2017 to coach at an all female facility.

One of Chloe's biggest achievements was helping to build a community for the girls in which they could develop as athletes and become more confident in themselves.