Aoife Burke joined the Vogue Fitness team in August 2019, having spent the past several years working as a coach in London. Born and raised in Ireland, Aoife developed a passion for sports at a young age; keen to test her athletic abilities by participating in any discipline that would satisfy her competitive edge. Aoife took a particular interest in Gaelic Football and it was during the off-season training period that Aoife discovered her love for strength and conditioning.

    After graduating from school, Aoife relocated to London and studied to become a personal trainer. It was in 2014 that Aoife discovered CrossFit. It did not take Aoife long to recognise the positive effects that CrossFit has on the general health of peoples’ lives and acted quickly to transition into the industry. Over the following years, Aoife developed her knowledge and capabilities as a coach, working alongside expert trainers at CrossFit Shapesmiths in London. During this time, Aoife completed her CrossFit Level 2 qualification and refined her coaching skills in specialist areas by undertaking weightlifting and gymnastics courses.

    When she’s not focusing her efforts on improving the general health and wellness of her clients, Aoife can be found making great strides on the competition floor. Her recent athletic achievements include qualification to the 2018 European Regionals and placing second in the battle to become Ireland’s fittest in the 2019 Open. Most importantly, Aoife tries to incorporate her experiences of training and competing when coaching her clients along their own Crossfit journey.