Alex joins us from Bridgend in Wales and has decided to leave the sheep and sunny skies behind to come to Abu Dhabi with Vogue Fitness. Alex, more commonly known as ‘Bacon’ started his journey in CrossFit in 2011 and went on to open his own gym in 2013.

Bacon preaches a ‘hard-ass way of coaching, pushing people to their limits and true potential’. Anyone who has done a Survivor session with Bacon knows this statement to be true. Bacon believes that ‘CrossFit can bring anyone to better themselves and all they have to do is show up. The more they show up, the better they get and I enjoy being a part of that process, helping to unlock people’s potential’. As well as his self-appointed title as ‘The King of CrossFit’ Alex is also a qualified CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Coach (Just in case you were questioning any of his brutal methods). In 2018 Alex competes as an individual at the CrossFit Regionals.