Aaron Dillon


    Aaron Dillon


    Aaron’s passion for coaching started in 2014 as a Personal Trainer in a commercial gym in Belfast, Ireland and he has loved helping people become fitter and stronger ever since. He says that he is fortunate to always wake up excited to start work, even if it is very early in the morning. When training himself and others he likes to have a healthy mix of seriousness and fun so you are getting the best of both worlds.

    Contrary to a lot of coaches in this industry, his background is not an overly active or athletic one. It wasn’t until his final year at University that he decided to start using the gym to help undo the years of partying. At the beginning of his fitness journey he was training purely for aesthetics and 'leg day' was always skipped. This was until he was introduced to the sport of Powerlifting. Aaron eventually dived head first into powerlifting competitively and after a few years made the switch over to Olympic Weightlifting, winning several medals in both sports!

    He joined his local CrossFit box purely to work on weightlifting because he didn’t want to ‘lose his gains’ by doing cardio. A few months later he eventually got drawn into one of the classes because the WOD (Isabel) had lots of snatches. Between the feeling you get after a workout and the community aspect of the gym he fell in love with CrossFit. Since then Aaron has become much fitter, stronger (despite his fear of losing gains) and healthier.

    Aaron also enjoy partaking in competitions every now and again because it’s always nice to see all the hard work which you put in pay off.

    Aaron came to Vogue Fitness because he wanted to learn from the best and train with the best to enhance his abilities as both a coach and as an athlete.

    Interesting fact: Aaron was an extra in Game of Thrones for 3 seasons.