Vogue Fitness - AHC

Meet our team members that help you on your health, fitness and wellness journey. Our team of dedicated staff are on hand to assist you to help you reach your goals and motivate, coach and ensure that we can give you the best hour of your day.

The health club operated by Vogue Fitness is a cashless facility and all payments are made through our online portal to ensure maximum convenience and ease is provided to all caregivers. All you need to do is simply select the payment option that you require and proceed to payment from there.

Fitness Services


Constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. Become better at everything.


Pound your way through an invigorating 45 to 60 minute cardio cycling session set to awesome beats. This is a full body workout, toning your upper body, tightening your abs and shaping your legs as you steer and spin. High intensity and a whole lot of low impact fun.


CrossFit without the barbell or complex gymnastics. Fast paced and physically demanding.