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Ex Firefighter Julie is originally from France, but her love for travel took her to work in Australia and New Zealand for several years, where she attained a great deal of her fitness experience.

Julie treats each client differently, and understanding that what works for one client, may not necessarily work for someone else. She is a firm believer that health and fitness is reached through hard work, systematic training and a great deal of determination.

CrossFit became a big part of Julie’s life in 2009 when she first discovered the sport. She first competed in the Asia Pacific Regionals in 2010 with CrossFit Auckland, where the team then qualified for the CrossFit Games in Los Angeles.

Julie was lucky enough to get the opportunity to move to the Middle East in 2012 where she went on to study Sport Psychology to develop a better understanding of the human brain and how they cope with the pressures of competing.


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