What is RX?

November 22, 2017  |  

Follow this guide to make sure you meet RX standards. Make sure you use the correct weight to meet the RX standards. At the best CrossFit Gym in Abu Dhabi we strive for our members to reach RX level, but we will also assist you into reaching RX level.

Pull-Up – Must be done without any assistance from bands, boxes, etc. Arms locked out at the bottom, chin over the bar at the top.

Push-Up – Must be done as a standard push-up where only the hands and feet touch the ground. Arms completely locked out at the top, upper arm at least parallel to the floor at the bottom.

Sit-Up – Must use an AbMat, soles of the feet must be touching at all times. Hands on the toes at the top, shoulder blades touching at the bottom.

Box Jump – Men must use at least 24″, women must use at least 20″. Start with both feet on the ground in a stationary parallel stance. 2 footed jump onto the box, stand up completely with the knees and hips locked out.

Burpee – Chest and thighs must touch the ground at the bottom. Must jump at the top with hands overhead.


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