Top 5 Mistakes CrossFitters Make

June 28, 2017  |  Ben Seward

Top 5 Mistakes CrossFitters Make

Not Warming Up

Warming up is key to preparing your muscles and joints for a tough workout. We recommend warming up before any workout to prevent injury. At the best CrossFit gym in Abu Dhabi we will always take you through a warm up and a cool down before/after your training session.

Sacrificing Technique and Movement Efficiency for Intensity and Eventual Technical Breakdown.

Many Crossfitters will train with their egos. At vogue fitness, we leave our egos at the door and train smart. Form is our number one priority. We are a fitness facility that believes it members should stay fit and healthy, not get injured trying to squeeze out that last deadlift.

Over Training.

Over training can be a massive problem in the CrossFit community. We recommend 1-2 rest days per week to let you muscles recover. This is vital for keeping fit and healthy and ensuring you can keep training at full capacity.

Forgetting to Supplement Your Program with Basics, Strict Strength, and Supplemental Work.

Many believe that doing traditional isolation movements can be wasted or not useful when training for CrossFit. They couldn’t be more wrong. Isolation/strict movements help train muscles that may be lagging behind others. Training particular muscle groups can increase strength in other areas too. At Vogue Fitness we train smart, using isolation/strict movements to improve form and target muscle groups that may need extra work than others.

Asking for Advice and Then Not Implementing it.

Many CrossFitters will ask for advice on form or technique and not implement it into their training. Our world class coaches are available for advice on training or nutrition. Come visit our Yas Marina fitness facility and find out more about the best CrossFit facility in the Capital.

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