Survivor. What Is It and Is It For Me?

August 17, 2016  |  Billy Graham

The 3rd edition of the Vogue Fitness Survivor Program at our Yas Marina facility kicks off this January 15. What is Survivor, how does it work and is it for you?

Back in 2016 we introduced the Survivor program to the general public as a way of introducing people who were a little ‘put off’ by CrossFit to the Crossfit Yas methodology. If people can sustain a month of Survivor, they can handle CrossFit. FACT!

What is Survivor?

1 month of fitness sessions (Sunday to Thursday)

Cash back for every session attended

A Survivor Pack to help you through the month Pre and post program biometric testing (body fat % etc )

Pre and post program fitness testing A Survivor specific diet

This video will explain how things work:

Attendees must select a time to train at and stick to that time.

  • 05.30
  • 06.30
  • 08.45
  • 16.30
  • 17.45
  • 19.00

Before the month starts you must visit our team here at Vogue for your biometric tests, which lasts approximately 10 minutes. It’s a very simple process that requires you to stand (fully clothed) whilst we do the rest. It requires zero human contact!

What’s are the training sessions like?

Hard, suitable for all fitness levels, fun (in a sadistic type of way) and results based. Workouts are always different and last between 45 minutes to an hour. Think running, rowing, climbing, jumping, lifting and some other odd things in between.

What’s different about 17.1 to 16.1 and 16.2?

This time we have new additional timings, more sessions, some additional fitness tools to cause you some fitness pain and a new highly sophisticated diet.

The Diet?

Vogue Fitness have collaborated with the Protein Bake Shop and renowned nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary to provide a nutrition plan designed to optimize weight loss and fitness results.

This is a leading nutrition plan with value of over AED1,200, and as a Survivor, it is included into your program to help you maximize your results.

Our Promise?

Survivor has achieved a 100% success rate (yes, 100%!) in weight loss, fitness gains & satisfaction for all who have completed the program. Stick to the program and we will get you fit!

Is It For You?

YES! It really is for anyone. Our eldest Survivor so far was 53 years old and they smashed it! All the workouts and movements are scalable meaning if you cant do it or don’t want to do it one of our coaches will modify it for you. If you are super human fit Survivor will hurt and if you are new to fitness or returning from time off it will provide you the platform to change your life.


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