Metcon Myths

February 08, 2017  |   Here Coach Elliot explains a little more about our Metcon Program

The big misconception about Met-con is that it is a weight loss class. This is not the case. Met-Con is simply short for Metabolic conditioning, which we also do in the Crossfit Classes. What produces results in health and fitness is variance! The variance in Met-Con classes is lower than that in Crossfit as we do not do technical barbell lifts or gymnastics movements. However, we vary both the energy systems used and the movement to ensure members who come everyday do not overtrain.

Recently we wrote several "Met-Con Tests" as we noticed not as many "metconners" track their workouts. Measuring and repeating is how we know we are improving, therefore these tests were written to show the results that were being experienced.

For those of you who missed the tests they are as follows:

1. 20 Minute AMRAP

20 x wallball

20 x burpee

20 x kb swing

RX - 20/24lbs, 16/12kg

Scaled 1 - 14/10lbs, 12/8kg

Scaled 2 - air squat, down ups, KB deadlift

2. a. 5 minute max box jump (must step down) @ 24/20"

b. 5 minute max calorie AB

c. 5 minute max push ups

d. 5 minute max OH static lunge @ 35/15lbs

Rest 3 minutes in between each

3. 3 rounds for time:

run 400m

50 x sit ups

500m row


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