Blister Free Pull Ups

July 22, 2017  |  

As many of you know pull ups can ruin your hands, we will explain how you can stop this from happening.

Chalk – Chalk can be a life saver, at the best gym in Abu Dhabi we provide chalk for you to use. Chalk can help with grip and rubbing. I can’t remember the last time I deadlifted without using chalk.

Liquid grip – basically a liquid version of chalk. This stuff is very good for low rep, short workouts. Keeping a bottle of this stuff in your gym bag can keep you going if you’re out of the gym.

Tape – works ok. Can be used to cover up previous tears to keep you training. Keep a roll of tape in your bag to keep your hands healthy. Tape can be purchased from reception, give it a go.

Gloves - …wouldn’t bother, your palms will still hurt and you’ll look weak to your peers.

Come and get your pull-ups in at our Yas Marina facility at the best CrossFit gym in Abu Dhabi. CrossFit Yas is the place to be.


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