5 Things I learnt at CrossFit Yas

February 01, 2017  |  Mohammed Al Shamsi

Mohammed is a Penn State University Graduate and is now back in the UAE where he is working for the Abu Dhabi Government.

In this blog Mohammed runs you through the 5 things he has learnt whilst training at the best CrossFit facility in Abu Dhabi.

It doesn’t hurt to fail

I have been training at Vogue Fitness CrossFit Yas for 6 months and for me (after some pleasant and some not so pleasant gym exeriences) it is easily the best gym in Abu Dhabi and certainly the best CrossFit gym in Abu Dhabi.

I used to be intimidated by lifting heavy weights as I was always wondering what the other people in the class would think if I failed to lift it. One-day coach Antony told me to ‘put some more weight on the bar’. I did, I tried to lift it and I failed. I was a little embarrassed but the other people in the class didn’t laugh or look at me strangely. In fact they were supportive, they encouraged me to try again. I did try again and I lifted the weight. Lesson learnt!

Practice makes perfect

I am not that fit. I never complete the class workouts in the quickest time but one thing I have learnt is that continual patience and practice work. I have put a lot of hard work into my ‘weaknesses’ (there are many) and slowly I am getting better and better. Be patient, listen to the coaches (they are the best trainers in Abu Dhabi) and you will get the results.

The coaching staff is awesome

The title to this says it all. Patient, caring, incredibly humble and amazing. All of them! I love CrossFit Yas, I love what it has given me and I love the coaches. They rock!!!

Fitness doesn’t have to be boring

I used to be scared and hate fitness all in one emotion. Now I love it. I come to gym, work my entire body and face a new challenge every workout.

Socialising in the gym is acceptable

I am going to be honest: I have made lots of friends at Vogue Fitness and I feel accountable to these people.


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