5 Exercises Everyone Should Do

November 20, 2016  |  Ben Seward

5 Exercises Everyone Should Do


Muscles worked: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae

Why: The squat is a compound movement that uses multiple muscle groups to improve stability and balance.

Key points: keep your weight over your heels as you push your hips back, keeping your knees over your toes and chest lifted, stand tall to complete one rep. Add weight as you progress.


Muscles worked: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes

Why: very much like squats, lunges are a movement to increase functional strength, stability and balance.

Key points: keep your spine neutral as you extend one of your legs behind you. Place your toes on the floor as you slowly move your body towards the floor. Only go as low as you feel comfortable. Drive upwards to complete a rep. Switch legs after a few reps.


Muscles worked: Pecs, Delts, Triceps, Abs

Why: push-ups develop upper body strength to help in day-to-day activities as you push and reach for things.

Key points: start with your legs a shoulders width apart place your hands a little wider then shoulder width. Slowly bend your elbows lowering your body towards the ground, push up to complete one rep.


Muscles worked: Abs, erector spinae, quads, delts, obliques.

Why: planks develop postural support and strengthen your core muscles. Planks also increase stability and balance.

Key points: maintain a neutral spine, try and hold a plank position as long as possible.

Single leg balance/deadlift

Muscles worked: quads, abductors, adductors, gluts, hamstrings

Why: improve balance

Key points: stand tall, with shoulders relaxed and chest open. Lift one leg up behind you and reach for the ground with your arms. Balance for ten seconds and lower your leg to the ground.

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