4 of the Worst Fitness Habits

October 12, 2017  |  Ben Seward

4 of the Worst Fitness Habits

1. Setting unrealistic goals

You should set realistic goals within realistic time periods if you want to stay motivated. There is nothing worse than failing to reach your goals. We suggest making mini goals, such as running a mile or completing a workout in a specific time.

2.  Skimping on recovery

According to a study from the University of New Mexico, recovery can improve performance and also help you boost intensity. Taking a recovery day, which can involve either rest or be doing easy activities may even help you recover faster from intense workouts.

3. Doing the same workout

Even if you’re training for a specific event like a marathon or CrossFit competition, it’s best to mix up your workouts so you’re not overtaxing the same muscle groups. Doing the same workout can get stale and boring too. Mixing it up can keep you motivated.

4. Ignoring your nutrition

The old adage goes that muscles are made in the gym, but weight loss happens in the kitchen. But other goals are tied to healthy eating as well: gaining more energy, increasing athletic performance, boosting your immune system, decreasing inflammation and more.

Whether you’re tweaking your meals, getting to the gym early or having a more meaningful discussion with your trainer about goals, it’s worth the effort to break bad habits. Once those are gone, you can put good habits in their place. At Vogue fitness, we have a wide range of coaches and mobile personal trainers to help you reach your goals. Come and check out the best health and fitness club in Abu Dhabi at our Yas Marina facility.


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